The Best Whittling Knife Options For Your Wood Projects

Another common shape is a spear point which is more or less the shape of a spear. The blade on this knife raises on the leading edge of the blade and meets the back of the blade about halfway resulting in a symmetrical spear point shape. If you are new to whittling, having the best whittling knife can make a huge difference in the results one can achieve.

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This whittling knife comes with a plastic sheath for the blade’s protection. The high-carbon blade of this whittling knife is pre-sharpened right out of the box. There are several vendors who sell whittling knives both offline and online. The #06246 is engineered for quality and durability with good material.

Boker 115465 Carvers Congress Whittler Pocket Knife, Rosewood

And as some of the most popular whittling knives offered by Flexcut, this beginner set will last you well into your whittling career making it suitable for more advanced whittlers too. Some whittlers prefer a more ergonomic handle like the Opinel, but the oiled Birchwood handle of Mora knives feels wonderfully at home in your palm. The finish is smooth but provides plenty of grip and control when tackling big rough cuts as well as more detailed work.

Danish Art Of Whittling

Whittling knives are sharper, more precise, and more comfortable to use for extended periods. Flexcut did an outstanding job of offering tremendous value and durability to their customers by packing so many quality tools into one package. Each tool can be quite difficult to get out as they’re jammed in there tightly. Once you get a tool out, it securely locks in the open position until you release it with the locking lever on the backside of the handle. Getting the tools out of the handle can be a bit difficult since they’re tightly packed in there. Once you get them unfolded, they lock securely into place and can only be released via a lever on the handle.

Flexcut Whittling Jack Knife

The handle has an ergonomic shape for long-lasting comfort during use and it is made of silver aluminum with a wood inlay and brass tacks. While this knife is a nice option for an intermediate or expert woodworker, it isn’t recommended for beginners because the blades do not have a locking mechanism to keep them in place. If you’re going to get a whittling knife with a foldable blade, it’s a good idea to get one with blade locking. Not all foldable whittling knives will have this option, but safety is a worthy investment. The blade of a knife is generally considered the most important feature, but the handle greatly affects the balance, weight, and durability of the knife.

This whittler is 3 7/8″ long when closed and features 3 blades for all your whittling needs. The spey blade is good for skinning or sweeping strokes, and the sheepsfoot blade helps you make clean cuts on flat surfaces. The 2-inch blade is great for roughing out an initial design whereas the 1 1/2 inch blade helps you to achieve the details.